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I don't have anything personal against Elmo. It's a decent character for kids and the Elmo dolls were great sellers even if the whole retail ordeal was a bit absurd. My only problem is with the insane amount of adults who are on a message board each day screaming about how much they love Elmo. But it's not even a problem to be honest. It's just silly. I don't care what they do to be honest. I'm sure they are nice people. I'm just saying it's a little wacky.

I see they are playing the game where you get coins for putting the most absurd amount of smilies in your post.

I use my jumbo Elmo to ride in the carpool lane.

Here was almost Elmo yesterday. Today he has text floating next to his head that suggests that this inanimate doll actually has some sort of thoughts.

It's a 40 year old bus driver that gets off on pretending to be an 80 year old grandmother that is obsessed with Elmo. Yeah I know your scam.

Elmo is so stupid and is for kids.

I'd be jealous too. Elmo gets to see you naked. That was just a joke though. I don't think I really want to see you naked considering you post on this forum.

Uncontrollable diarrhea.

Holy shit I just had a heart attack. Don't scare me like that!

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