I am overjoyed to be done with Ultimate Baseball Online Too Many Words in the Title 2007 and this article. I almost made it through without making a steroid joke but this game really didn't give me much to write about. I probably played this game more than any of the others in the MMO Roulette and I still struggled to find something interesting to say about a game designed after the most boring sport.

Well there you have it. With my excellent pitching skills and superhuman batting abilities, the Goon Ckew won the National Baseball Online World 2006 Royal Rumble. I could say I was excited to win such a prestigious title but I don't give a damn about baseball.


I would like to thank the following people in their appropriate batting order (besides me as I am whatever order that is the best) : Duey, Rexicon1, Linall, Funbar, Nebulous, Terror Van, Mr_Hazard, Cryllic, Pompeille, Sandwich Fight, Vlad3217, ZackHoagie, Backno, Razoras, EvilMuppet, Tungsten Salesmen, Kinkood, Tomanton, Bleusilences, What The Pfargtl, Mr. Noon, ABrassMonocle, Argh, meatballs!, Guze, Attackmole, Turbl, RichLather, Valiant Valium, Kal, MissEchelon, JonLikesPie, Pious Pete, Headcas3, HulkaMatt, Lincolnstein, Not the Face, Sgt. Muffin, Hellocruelworld, Ithecho84, Mediocre_Dane, Warshade, PenaltyMan, Lava Lamp Goddess, Disgruntled Postman, Jason Funk, Ptlsaints, Psycho Pie, My Name Is Jonas, Phuzzy, DoctorJones, John_Anon_Smith, Law, Spelling Mitsake, SROJ_Returns, Nobuu, Captain Novolin, Liquid Communism, The Skeep, Johnnycon7, SpaceWorm, Admiral Badtacular and Neo Meryl.

– Steve "Khad" Grant

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