Exciting times ahead for people who like making their numbers bigger in World of Warcraft - according to this article at the gaming news site 1UP, players will be soon recieving many new exciting armor pieces that have numbers bigger than their older armor pieces. Furthermore, the numbers that are made bigger will actually be significant to the way they play their characters! If this wasn't exciting enough, (and it wasn't), Blizzard also announced plans to "re-itemize" existing dungeons with the new equipment, and allow for better drop rates on older pieces. What does this mean to you, Johnny P. Gamer? Who cares! New stuff is new stuff! And we happen to have the latest leaks!

New Tier 0.5 Class Sets

Note how the Mage set addresses player "power level" concerns.

Some pieces reiterate the intentions of the Developers...

While others hint at exciting changes!

Paladin Itemization

Finally, an alternative to Lightforge.

It's no Crusader Strike, but it will have to do.

And if those aren't your flavor, there's something for everyone. Including bad players.

Some things Old, Some things Blue

Some of the new items are predictable remixes.

More The Art of Warcraft

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