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Good grief, Artie!
Posted by Pete [Read other reviews by Pete]
(2.5 Bone)

Did anyone see Artie in the Courier-Messenger? Artie caused an accident this week. He didn't kill anyone but he really could have. I'm not sure I like the idea of a dog driving around town. I guess I just expected that if dogs ever took up driving, they'd be more cautious. Here is a scan of the article:

Well, I'll be damned
Posted by BiGDog [Read other reviews by BiGDog]
(1/2 Bone)

Guess I was wrong about Artie. He really did drive that truck. Too bad he drove it into traffic like some kind of idiot. You know who does that sort of crap? Bad drivers. Last I checked we weren't treating them like heroes.

While the rest of us are footing the bill for the cleanup (thanks a ton, socialism), Artie gets off scot-free. This kind of nonsense makes me yearn for honest, law-abiding dogs like Old Chicago, Andrianampoinimerina, Embalmer, Jacques Derridog, and Freedog. Those dogs would never endanger citizens with reckless driving. Course the --BiGDOG-- has to give a shout out to the noblest dog of all time: Panzer. You'll never find a greater source of class in this universe.

Boom! You just got hit with a lethal dose of info, --BiGDOG-- style!

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– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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