-Black Watch (Large Check)-
You have (or are planning to) kill an animal today.
-Thompson Grey-
You care deeply about the Apple brand experience.
-Dress Barclay-
You are a Berenstain Bear.
You no longer differentiate between pants and pajamas.

-MacKay Blue-
You play bass in an indie band with an animal themed name.

-Hunting Cumming-
You enjoy the smell of diesel gas on your fingers and your step-son does not.

-Modern Fergusen-
You live in New Mexico, 1992 and today is your homecoming dance.

-Stewart Camel-
You frequently ask how anyone could drive a car other than a Volvo.

Your bellybutton smells and you secretly like it.

You recently raided your grandfather's closet.

You are nearly complete with your Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor fan-fic.

-Davidson of Tulloch-
Your favorite band is Nirvana, still.

-Cairn Lite-
Your mother shops at Baby Gap.

You have touched a girl and it was exactly like the internet said it would be like.

-Black Watch (Small Check)-
You are on the cover of Snoop Dog's 1993 album Doggystyle.

-Clan Campbell-
You have no opinion on Chinese human rights violations,
but you know what it takes to host a mean crawfish bake. 

You have a deep connection with corduroy

You didn't pay child support but you got these bitchin' Oakleys.

You are legitimately cold.

– Ian "Salmon Season" Golding (@iggolding)

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