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Holy Fuck, a New Hentai Game Review!

Zack "Grace Sayovator" Parsons here with a smoking new hentai game review of the brand new (to English) hentai game "Secret Wives' Club". This half-assed sex training simulation will leave you with a hankering for a trip to the baboon cage at your local zoo!

This would probably be as good a place as any to discuss the artwork in "Secret Wives' Club". Throughout much of the game the artwork is fairly good, but when the clothes come off and the sex starts the artists seem to lose all proper sense of perspective and human anatomy. Arms bend at crazy angles, faces take on bizarre shapes and proportions, and often the bodies appear to be less a human cartoon and more a technical diagram of a sack made from wet leather full of metal cubes of differing sizes.

You must read this now! The future of all life may depend on your knowledge of "Secret Wives' Club"!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@lowtax)

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