Hello friends I've never met before, it's time for a new Phriday! Although we normally try not to tread the same ground quite this often, we're once again bringing you more movie posters. The catch this time is that these movies are given new titles taken from the bands and various recording artists you regularly steal from with that lecherous mp3 habit of yours. The bottom line is that the Something Awful Forum Goons are crafty devils, and these pictures were simply too funny to pass up. Heck, in some cases they even go a long way in giving you more insight into either the movie or the band. That's just one of the many services we bring you while mumbling curses at you like Richard Nixon. Without further rambling, this Coolio style fantastic voyage will now begin!

"nodata" started things off by giving us seven days to live.

Please allow "Bentahalus" to cut in! No, I'm not apologizing for that joke.

"Malfeasance!" shows his respect to the king.

"Boco T" is coated in rich creamy mystery:

Oh hey "ToiletDuk", whats up?

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