There are indeed a large number of awful businesses loitering around the world's precious commercially zoned properties. Whether it's some knuckleheaded entrepreneur trying to corner a demographic that doesn't exist in this dimensional plane, a good business idea run by a consortium of evil politicians, or somebody trying to sell and market in all the wrong ways, the business world is flooded with diseased carcasses. It just so happens our awesome forum goons not only know a lot about diseased carcasses, but also know how to make them sicker. This really doesn't have anything to do with running a successful business, but that's okay since we don't like to do things successfully. Here, in stunning Technicolor glory, are the SA Forums take on Awful Businesses!

"illumn8d" is 110% all man and a whole lot more! ROAR!

"Cocktail Kitten" likes his minors to look their best.

"MutantBlue" has got me all hot and bothered! Do you think Bea Arthur shops there?

Things get extra kooky when special guest Lenin stops by. Oh shit, thought I was writing for TV Guide there for a second. Thanks "Xealot"!

"ToiletDuk" watches the television, and now you know that.

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    Yes, it's the perfect form for surviving a car crash. But it's also the perfect form for so much more, like surviving the trauma of reading any news headline in 2016.

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