The Temple Of Giants

The scout had discovered what seemed to be some sort of sacred temple, whose entrance was marked by an ancient tablet covered with the indecipherable inscriptions of some forgotten culture.

Indeed, cave paintings suggest that this had once been the realm of a child cult.

And yet subtle signs suggested that [url='']this sacred place[/url] might still be inhabited.

There was life here yet! But then a cry arose from the farthest corner of the temple.

Blimey! A giant furry! Dikeledi did not know what to do. Even he had scoffed at the superstitions of those furries who, in the throes of death, called out for their giant gods to protect them. There was, of course, only one option available to this brave warrior of Buka:


The battle was fierce. Indeed, for one horrible moment, it looked as if brave Carol had been smote with a single great paw of another giant beast. But the women of Buka are too strong to succumb to such petty physical offenses. It wasn't long before Carol arose, and launched the deadliest weapon in the Bukan arsenal.

Behold, the dreaded Toboggan Attack of Buka.

None, not even gods, can withstand its wintry might.

The tribe had prevailed. The very gods of the furries had been smote by man. Jubilation was in order.

With more food than ever before bearing a burden on their proud shoulders, the brave Bukans returned to their villages--and were met with thunderous applause. Such a feat called for a feast, and that is what Bukans do best.

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