In the era of MySpace and Facebook people must be more careful than ever with the pictures they post of themselves on the Internet. There are increasing reports that employers are searching social networking sites for the profiles of applicants to see if they can find any pictures of them engaging in activities unbecoming of whatever image that company is trying to portray. That doesn't stop the members of CollarMe, a BDSM dating site.

Damn the consequences! The world must know I have a chemical imbalance in my brain that causes me to equate pain with pleasure! Surely there are no web sites that exist solely to poke fun at people like us!

The smiley really seals the deal for me.

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What the hell is Master Ruffhorse standing in front of? Did he get his picture taken at some kind of local glamor shot place at the mall that specializes in making you look like some Internet creep?

She's no Julie Newmar I'll tell you that right now.


Hahaha what is this guy a master of? Hahaha.

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