These paddles are simply my way of doing something to help families where nothing else has worked. Not just counseling and not just saying it is alright to spank your kids. These paddles are a tool that when used with love and with limits can bring parents and children to an effective understanding of how they (both parents and children) are expected to behave.

Love, JOEY

Don't get the wrong impression about me for choosing Spare Rods as today's Awful Link. I think beating your children is wonderful, and I encourage every parent to do so at any opportunity. ln fact, if you don't have kids, contact your local orphanage and see if they will let you beat on some of theirs. What does bother me about this website, however, is that this guy thinks that sending out spanking paddles for free (plus shipping) is helping the "spanking your children is good" argument. The idea of some construction worker spending his free time alongside busy intersections, giving out free child-beaters to anyone, is disturbing enough. The fact that he was enterprising enough to utilize the Internet for his cause is really scary. What really creeps me out is how he signs every one of them Love, Joey.


Oh, and the fact that he's doing this instead of just spending more quality time trying to find his battered son Bobby, and just hang out with the kid instead of gloating how about great Bruised Bobby is. I can't advocate using Spare Rods to discipline your children, or the submissive in your relationship. But if you are looking for some cheap Cricket bats, Love Joeys are only $5.75 for shipping and handling!

– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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