In a sad and tragic development, U. S. District Judge Stephen Larson ordered MGA Entertainment to halt production on all Bratz merchandise, essentially killing the popular and endearing line of dolls. Obviously this is just another activist judge pushing his far-left agenda on the world. Bratz taught young girls that dressing all ghetto and having no nose was both acceptable and beautiful. To honor the important work MGA started, the Something Awful Forum Goons created a series of images showing life itself re-imagined in the Bratz mold. It's not much, but maybe it'll help you fight back the tears.

jivemuffin got this horrible train wreck started by caring too much about Bratz.

noggut is also very keen on the creatures of the deep.

Bad Munki wanders the streets handing these things to children.

When it comes to sound financial advice, there is no more reliable an institution than NotJust4Breakfast.

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