COWBOY POETS SOCIETY, submitted by me. I've got to admit: I like cowboys. They're rough, tough, and crazy enough to shoot you if you don't pour them a whisky fast enough. Unfortunately, some people don't seem to understand the true nature of cowboys. The self proclaimed "Cowboy Poets Society International" is a good example of these shameful misunderstandings. Since when were cowboys poets? Cowboys shoot things, not rhyme words.

Your audiences will appreciate those who have lived the life they share with you in their humor, poetry and song. The honesty of their presentations cannot be imitated unless the performer has lived the life.

Right, so these people have had authentic Wild West shootouts? By the grace of Jessie James' loins, I declare treachery is afoot!

Here is a wholesome entertainment valued in the humor of cowboy life. All types of audiences have delighted to this refreshing humor that does not need to be vulgar or suggestive. We do not endorse those who must resort to lewd suggestiveness in an attempt to create humor. Disrespect to the ladies and children with this off color material is just not acceptable in a cowboy life.

Bah! Shoot some banditos and rob a train, you pussies! There is plenty of excitement to be had at this site, such as a herd of horses that follow your cursor, lots of crappy graphics, and plenty of pictures of "real cowboys" wielding cowboy banjos and fiddles. There isn't a six-shooter anywhere in sight!

Our clients are counting on us to bring them the finest true authentic cowboy entertainment available. We have programming available for just about every budget.


– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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