Spurn Point 1, submitted by Me. I'll be the first to admit that I don't know much about web design. Every once in a while, though, a site catches my eye, in the sense that it is so painful to look at that the gravitational force of its awfulocity sucks my eye out of my head and splatters it against the screen. I go through a lot of Windex cleaning that sort of thing up. Typically, but certainly not always, as design skills go down, crackpot theories go up. That inverse proportion is demonstrated nicely by this beauty. Not only is it cornea-blisteringly bad to look at, but it contains the word "ufology." I'm so desensitized to people claiming they have seen or been abducted by UFOs that the actual content of this site doesn't phase me. The grammar is dandy and the spelling is mostly fine. Sure, the folks behind this site think the government has covered up numerous UFO encounters, but at least they present their ideas in an eloquent fashion.

As we waited I noticed a red light over Spurn Point and showed it to my friend. As we were watching, it moved towards Cleethorpes. It flew over us (not directly, slightly to the south) It then turned and went back towards Spurn Point. about halfway there it turned north and then started to do triangular shapes before coming back to Cleethorpes and then shot back to Spurn Point at a speed that was hard to follow. We watched it till it went over the horizon.

I remember it being reported in the Grimsby Evening Telegraph. They allegedly got told by the MOD that it was a flare that was shot off a ship. My family took the mick out of me for a while about it. I asked them if they had ever seen a flare turn corners and they had no answer.

Sure, it's a little on the crackpot side, but the writing isn't so bad. However, this site is so painful to look at that I had my monitor outfitted with a protective mesh just so I could look at it without screaming, albeit for brief periods of time. I should mention that the link is to the main article - the only real content on the site - but not to the homepage, which is still under construction. I would say that I'd love to see what the site looks like when it's finished, but that would make me a liar and Jesus would beat me.

– Ben "Greasnin" Platt

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