NECRODOMINION, submitted by Jules. Welcome to another Awful Link, traveler of the abysmal information highway transportation system of death! Allow me to guide you to a most demonic and bone chilling website of darkness and despair sure to leave your hallowed trunks filled with the agony of a long bathroom waiting line. Or rather, let Dark Angel guide you!

Welcome to the Necrodominion, the cyberspace representation of my empire of the dead and the inanimate.I am Dark Angel, author and poet of some distinction, and I have created the Necrodominion to serve as my garden of strange and eldritchdelights.Within these pages, you will find corpses, dolls, demons, robots, and other unsettling denizens, all assembled to confound your senses andchallenge your beliefs about the real and the illusory, the sacred and the profane.

That's a pretty elaborate way of calling yourself a fag, but hey, whatever spreads your butter I guess. This site houses the ghastly masked theatre, where scary looking people make themselves look more scary for reasons probably relating to either being hugged too much or not enough as a child.

Way to protest the fascism of beauty, you noble aristocrats of the nether regions of shadow and dark longing and pain! So very much pain! Ow, ow, ouch. There are also a bunch of shitty stories about the dark future where no macabre adjective goes unused. Beware! BEWARE!

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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