Carrot Top, submitted by me. The Awful Link of the Day is usually used to spotlight the terrible and hideous, but today I'm breaking the rules. I'm abusing my power in order to spotlight the wonderful and the unappreciated: Carrot Top. Carrot Top is a comedic genius whose craft is best described by himself.

“The street in the center of town was Butts Road. I stole the sign and told the audience, ‘This must be where the assholes live.’ I also had a Neighborhood Crime Watch sign: ‘It takes 20 seconds to break into a house but it took me an hour to unbolt this sign.’” Later, at an amateur night, the manager told him the sign bit was hysterical but jokes about the school weren’t going to work for the regular audience. “So I went home and thought up more visual jokes, coming up with props like high heels with training wheels for young girls.”

Training wheels for young girls indeed, you magnificent bastard. Oh, don't forget to buy his new book!

Most of all, get up close and personal with Carrot Top in this new book of portraits that show him in his most personal and clever moments. Where else can you see him wearing nothing but flour and kissing his grandmother on her 94th birthday. It's fun and artistic!

– Corin Tucker's Stalker (@DennisFarrell)

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