Happy Sabrina, submitted by Slimey.I'm not a religious man by far, but I've always felt that there might be a chance that there is some force of good out there that is guiding us and protecting us. This site has not only destroyed that belief, but it has also made me sure that there is only evil and malevolent beings like Yog-Sothoth whose goal is to drives us insane with terror. There is no way I can fully express the horror I am feeling right now. I can see disgusting images and snuff films without flinching, but this made me curl up in a fetal position and suck my thumb. Just take a look.ANOTHER REASON TO DESTROY THE INTERNET

I think you should know something before you sick freaks start to inch your hand towards your penis. It's a man, baby! That's right, it's a little Japanese man dressing up like anime schoolgirls. You want real horror? Go ahead and click on "SabrinaNow2" for a 24/7 video stream of this travesty. It's 10 times more disturbing than these pictures. If you are unlucky enough, you can see his tiny bulge when he stands on a chair or lays down. It actually made me a little physically ill.

Don't you see people? This is what happens 50 years after you drop atomic bombs on people. I have to say this is the strongest case against nuclear warfare. There's not much to read on the site, but it's in Japanese anyway. Luckily I'm fluent in Japanese so I'll go ahead and translate some of it for you.

"Oh so sorry look at Sabrina now pretty! She'll lay eggs in your stomach! Erotic poses like ice cream candy for eyes! TONKA!

That's basically the gist of it. I'm truly sorry I had to share this with you guys, but it's my job to make you cry so there you have it. Pray...and hide.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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