Strange Changes Adult Comix, submitted by Freddy. And I thought webcomics couldn't get any worse.

You have entered a world of Gigantic Women, shrunken people, aliens, and
half-human/half-beasts. A world in which sexual predators can suddenly resemble the
Monsters they are within, and where the Hunter and Hunted can trade places unexpectedly.
The people here are Prisoners of an X-rated cartoon world, and they have no wish to escape.

I want to escape. Strange Changes Adult Comix is a truly unique internet experience. It contains many exciting stories and comics, including Exploring Lisa: Tiny aliens land on nude sunbather and Snake Bites: A witch, a demon, Strange Changes two deserving victims, vore and more. Oh boy. If that wasn't enough, there's a whole gallery of tiny women porn, huge woman porn, and huge tiny woman alien hentai porn. You can even buy full-color comic books from the store. As the author herself notes, "Although comics can be an art form, I wouldn't call myself an artist." I certainly agree.

– Tom "Moof" Davies

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