Closet Monster's Homepage, submitted by Dave H. I thought I had seen every moronic fetish out there, but I forgot that the Internet knows no sanity. As if things like body inflation and men in women's swimsuits weren't retarded enough, along comes women unmasking! I guess I shouldn't make this out to be anything new, because apparently weirdoes have been jerking off to crayon drawings of alien slugs slithering out of naked swimsuit models for sometime. It's not hard to see why, either. How often do you look at a woman and wonder what's really under her skin? Is she an alien? Another woman in disguise? A Christmas tree? Without resorting to mutilation, a serious crime, there is simply no way to fulfill your curiosity. Or is there? Unfortunately, yes, there is.

For years I've quietly watched the masking community from my little 15" monitor, afraid to participate for fear of discovery. Then I thought about how easy it is to create an alias, complete with anonymous email. From there it was simple to go a step further and obtain free server space! The result will hopefully be a worthwhile addition to the World Wide Web.

I always enjoy reading the stories and news about the masking community, but there is another facet to this fetish that gets ignored. Like myself, there must be many people out there who have these same desires, but who are also unable to actively persue it. Be it due to a public position, fear of humiliation, or fear of loosing friends and family to gross misunderstanding, many people have to sit on the side only watching. It is for these familiar few that I wish to create this website, expanding on the images used to fuel our hidden fantasies.

We're all very proud of you!

Enjoy a festering bounty of retarded comics, crude photoshops, terrible sketches, and hellacious 3d renders of naked women or robots or aliens popping out of other woman. It's more fun than giving yourself a colonoscopy with a rototiller, but that's not saying much.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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