Make characters from Star Wars your personal servants!, submitted by me. I might go a little overboard with my love for Star Wars, but I haven't gone the extra step and fantasized about having characters from the films enslaved for my personal pleasure. Apparently I'm missing out on the internet's quickest growing strategy game, a site on which players seem to trade characters to one another and punish them as they see fit. It may sound weird, but let's take a look at a sample slave biography just to be sure:

Name: Porkins

Gender/Orientation: Male

Current Attitude: compliant

Physical attractiveness: 1% - Repulsive

Maintenance cost: 5000 credits. Rebel food.

Ranking: This servant has been traded 505 times
Which ranks this servant 389th out of 615 indentures.

Most recent punishment: UnderEli had Frank Poole give Porkins a good spanking!

Personal Services performed for employer: back massages

When bad, this character is disciplined by: dancing, not working

Oh Porkins, you lovable lardassed rebel scum. One of these days you will be mine, and through dance I shall teach you the errors of your ways.

– Corin Tucker's Stalker (@DennisFarrell)

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