Battletoads. That's what I remember the most about my friend Josh growing up. He had Battletoads. I lived next door to the kid for the better part of 8 years. We rode our bikes together, snuck copies of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition from his older brother's room, turned acres of field in our rural Vermont town into a "medium golf" course. But most of all, I remember sitting in his basement, eyes red and searing from the dust mites and mold, and playing fucking Battletoads for hours and hours. My parents had a strict no-videogame rule for the house, and his parents tried to keep us from playing games in order to respect them. But sometimes they'd kick out for synagogue or dradle racing or something and Josh and I would go fucking nuts fighting giant goddamn roided up guido toads against each other.

Probably because of Battletoads I've always had a soft-spot for that old-school 2D "run laterally and smash shit" mode of video games, which is why I especially love this week's Comedy Goldmine. Forum goon Darko created a political version of Battletoads with his game "Angry Barry." It's a real game - you can download it from the XBox Marketplace here, and it should be on Steam soon. Below is the info that Darko posted, along with some screenshots, a game trailer, and video from when the game was profiled on MSNBC. It's not as good as Battletoads, but it will keep me sated until I can find a moldy basement and SNES again.


This was such a ridiculously fun election season, and I had so much fun reading and laughing along with you guys during it, I decided to commemorate it in game format. Since the X-box 360 has their Community Games service where you can upload any old shit and have it possibly be beamed into people's living rooms across the world, I decided to put it on there because I thought that getting people's reactions on it would be hilarious. Plus you can make beer money using it, which is a definite plus.

So let me tell you about the game that SA inspired:

Angry Barry

Are you a bad enough president to kick ass?

Angry Barry is a political parody high definition 2D side scrolling beat em up in the tradition of classic titles such as Bad Dudes.

In 'Angry Barry' you play the role of the titular 'Barry' as you fight a vast assortment of characters through 9 stages in your quest for the presidency of the United States . This quest takes you through a vast assortment of characters ranging from old catladies to Democratic and Republican rivals to the resurrected cybernetic Robo-Gipper. Equipped with punches, kicks, special moves and items, Barry bashes his way through all challengers in this next-generation adventure.

Angry Barry features several special moves and combos, high definition hand drawn and animated 2D graphics, tons of political humor and parody, an original soundtrack composed exclusively for the game, local 2 player simultaneous play, next generation effects and particles, and a huge number of enemies and items on screen at any given time.

One side note about the game is that you can pick up any item and use it to bash stuff with, no matter how big it is.


One day a little kid named Barry lived in Hawaii and he got hit by a meteor. From that point on, whenever he gets mad, he becomes 'Angry Barry,' a powerful being bent on world domination. Many years later, Barry was in the park eating a hotdog, when he found a fingernail in it. He then became madder than he had ever been before, and was now permanently 'Angry Barry.' Now nothing will stop his quest, starting with the presidency of the United States.


Level 1: Central Park
Boss: HillDawg

Fight your way through Central Park, through rogue Secret Service agents and catladies named 'Dottie,' on the way to take down HillDawg.

Level 2: Pure Train Gold
Midboss: Robo-Gipper
Boss: The Good Doctor

Fight your way across a train with a golden cargo in order to fund your rise to power. Watch out for the Good Doctor and his neckbeard minions! (and look out for the blimp flying by that drops bombs on you from time to time)

Level 3: Utah
Boss: Mittmeister

Derailed in Utah, you have to fight your way through leagues of Mormons to get to the plane to take you to D.C.

Level 4: Alaska
Boss: Toxicain/Woman in Helicopter

The plane was a trap that deposited you in deepest Alaska, now fight your way through legions of wolves (with helicopters chasing the wolves), catladies, and Secret Service agents to confront the mastermind behind the attempt to take you out.

Level 5: DC
Boss: GWB

Finally, you have arrived at your goal. Take down the President and take over the country!

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