Kerry's TV Mask & Lycra Page, submitted by oxxiox.Holy Moses. Rarely does a site totally creep the shit out of me on the level that this one does. I would have to say this one is worse than all the furry sites I've ever done combined. According to Kerry's background, he is a 42 year old cross-dresser who is somehow married and lives in Seattle. He started making latex masks in 1996 because he couldn't find any that fully satisfied his deranged fetish of being a girl like his mom wanted. In order to stop the voices, Kerry continued to make latex masks and even full suits. When he couldn't mold the perfect form out of latex, he did the next best thing: harvest the soft flesh from pretty women off the streets. It's all true!There is no way to explain the horror I am feeling right now.

Is this a man just having fun making latex suits of women and role playing a little, or is this one step away from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Whatever it is, it's fucking creepy as hell and is making me very afraid to be in my apartment alone right now. I have a feeling that Ed Gien would be a huge fan of this site and could even offer Kerry a few pointers. The more you look at this site, the clearer it dawns on you that Kerry could be a very dangerous person if he happened to run out of money for the products to make these suits. If any women end up missing in the Seattle area, you know where to check first. Kerry's workshop of horrors.

I'm not going to sleep tonight.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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