The Tornado Pages, submitted by Louie's Discount Corn Bits. This is a Computer Page of cartoon aliens in the buff. I am think for humans that being without the clothes is not so good so much, but with aliens it is okay because they are fun loving and do not mind such affronts. I am not thinking this page is for the children and I am placing Large Son in the quiet room during Yours Truly's time with The Tornado Pages. I am not given to touching myself in bad ways but this is a temptation that is hard to deal with some times in Hyderbad. It is stiff breeze making me ready for action type of climate here if you are knowing what I mean.

On a personal note, I've taken up a new hobby: metal detecting. Sure, the weather's still pretty poopy, but I have high hopes for spring and summer. So far I've only searched out front of my apartment, but I've found 52 cents! Wow! Nothing older than 1983, but it's still fun. Those who had nothing better to do than watch The Quincy Cam yesterday were also treated to watching me split my pants right up the back as I attempted to stand up after bringing to light yet another shard of a beverage can which lost a discussion with a lawnmower several years ago.

Oh ho, I know about the metal detecting. It is happening all of the time at the airports on these days and they put the beeping stick all around me and I say "Look, I am wrestler, we fight, the body is the weapon" and then they tell me "get on the boat buster!" because they do not like the weapons in the skies. I think that is unfair, I would put the weapon away if I could but the cunning moves in the squares circle do not turn off like light switches when it is time to get on the airship.

– El Pinto Grande

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