What About Bones?, submitted by Antony Green.In each of us there is constant battle to answer the questions of our existence, and namely the existence of God, and his son Jesus. This is a normal progression that everyone faces, and the answers are not always easy. At the times when it seems all the odds are against you and this is a tough and lonely world, it is hard to keep your faith alive. Well let me share the good news with you my friends. Jesus has a plan for you, and it all starts with Bones.Poor Bones needs help from Jesus!

The lesson of Bones transcends all boundaries of human invention, and teaches the foundation of which the word of the Lord is built. At first Bones is very lonely and broken hearted, but he prayed to Jesus and was rewarded with a good home with Mr. Geekster. Mr. Geekster teaches Bones about the bible and lets him study it at his leisure and even go fishing in the pool even though there is no fish in the swimming pool. Oh Bones you card!

The Lord approves of clever pranks.

Bones knows that it's good to help and with the work around the house and give food to starving children. He also likes to switch Mr. Geekster's food and trick him into eating dog food! That's not in the bible but it sure is funny. Everyday Bones and Mr. Geekster pray on the lawn furniture to Jesus and give thanks to the Lord for such a nice home and for each other. Bones feels the faith so strongly that he follows Jesus to the cross and is crucified for our sins.

Bones died for our sins!

Bones is a role model for children and dogs everywhere, and you should be thankful that he died for our sins. Praise Jesus, our Lord in heaven, and Bones, who Jesus is probably taking for walkies right now. Amen.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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