In case you haven't read all the movie reviews on SA, I watch a lot of bad sci-fi / horror films. This was undoubtedly some part of my inspiration behind this prank of a guy named "Pete", another random person who started messaging me out of the blue. Let me remind you again that none of the following has been made up and is entirely real (all my email / ICQ pranks are true, unlike any of the other crap on this site). With ICQ random chat, you don't need to make up the stupidity; it's already there in spades. The following is an example of what happens when people get a little too much exposure to "The X-Files".

Pete - hi how are ya

Lowtax - Alright!

Pete - what are you doing on the internet

Lowtax - Cruising the virtual information superhighway

Pete - find anything interesting

Lowtax - Yes, a strategy guide for my favorite game, "Food Fight"

Pete - food fight? i have never heard of that game...what do you do in it?

Lowtax - Oh, it is most wonderous of video games! To be taking pies, lettuce, and tomatoes, then you throw them at chefs who try to attack you!!!

Pete - is it one of those dodgy mame no the ones that are the really old arcade games?

Lowtax - YES I play those all the time at the airport because i used to clean out the ashtrays at the airport and i would play FOOD FIGHT and JUMP n BUMP!

Pete - are you still working at the airport?

Lowtax - NOo, I hate the airport now! I will never go back again

Pete - why? what happened?

Lowtax - VICTOR WEBSTER screwed me over. he took my job when i was working hard, but Mike LaRon decided to hire Victor over me because Victor didn't get locked in the parking garage all night like me

Pete - do you like the band primus?

Lowtax - NO. Hey where are do you live?

Pete - Brisbane.Queensland,Australia...where do you live?

Lowtax - California. I was just wondering, because there is something being strange up in the sky tonight and it does not look like a jet-car plane. i don't know what it could be

Pete - a cloud?

Lowtax - no, it is having red lights going flashing on the sides and i hear a humming noise!!! it is odd, maybe a helicopter?

Pete - the military might be doing experements...i hear they do that alot in USA

Lowtax - yes, i am near a base of the military. let me open my door and sees, is ok?

Lowtax - this my friend is odd

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