J-List, submitted by Peter Payne. Our contest pals from J-List happen to run a web site which you may or may not have noticed was linked fifty times in my contest article. If you missed out I have selected them as today's Awful Link because oh man do they sell a lot of scary stuff there.

DVPRN012 Watermelon Breasts Female Announcer!! -- Kyoko Ayana
Number in stock: 1 Weight: 200 g. Price: $40.00
Product type: DVD
Female announcers (newscasters, variety show hostesses, etc) are an exquisite treat. Not only are they intelligent and beautiful, but they are extremely erotic in an indescribable way. Starring the lovely Kyoko Ayana, who's big breasts are known the world over, this title parodies news casts in Japan in incredible precision, but throws in oral sex, big breast play, cosplay, girl on top sex, hanger sex, sports gym sex, and much more including role play. If you love big breasts and your local news announcer, don't miss out.

Believe me, their wide variety of TV news anchor porn is incredible and only the tip of the proverbial bukkake covered iceberg. They also feature hundreds of other strange imports from Japan, many of which disturb me deeply.

A special series for figure fans it includes Mayu Hoshino in a cat leotard, Yuki Shihoudou in a sexy bunny outfit, Miki Endoh in a private school uniform, Nana Morimura in a maid's outfit and Satomi Kisaragi as an elegant office lady (OL).

Dead. Eyes.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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