Cyrin's Cove, submitted by Zork Foxfire.Today I have a strange furry site for you. A little off the beaten path from your garden variety fox or wolf furry. His name is Cyrin and he wants to be a fish! I guess that wouldn't make him a real furry since dolphins don't have fur, but he is in the FurNet family regardless. This site hurts my brain a lot. I first went to the "art" section and clicked on the 2003 section, and saw a picture of a humanoid dolphin flashing his anus at me. My instincts kicked in and I punched my computer, hurting my hand in the process. Then I headed over to the photomorph section and that's when I started to cry and silently mouth the word "no". My spell was not broken until my wife brought me some hot cocoa. But then she saw the pictures too and threw to cocoa onto the screen, giving me a mighty shock. I'm sending a medical bill to Cyrin. Now let's dive head first into this watery mess.HELLO

"Ever since I can remember, there has always been something eerie going on between me and the ocean. I've experienced both attraction and replusion towards it in the past. I've never been indifferent. It's strange to think of it now, but I used to consider the ocean as both a place of fantasy and a place of fear at the same time. For years I had secret fantasies about turning into a fish, a merman or something aquatic - but at the same time I refused to set foot on the beach or go swimming.

When I discovered furry, I went mad. You can imagine what goes through someone who's just discovered something that was missing from their life. I naturally picked the fox as the animal I wanted to be identified as. The problem with that was, it didn't fit me. I constantly found myself obsessing over mermaids, dolphins, sharks, seals and fish. I resented myself for it, trying desperately to focus on foxes but to no avail.

Finally I cracked, and just as well - i got out of the most foolish rut of my life. I started to view my feelings as a positive thing, and I discovered my delphinism - in short, I became a dolphin. I started to fill in all the gaps - i stopped holding back and taught myself to swim and snorkel."


This site has made me rethink my stance on dolphin safe tuna nets. I like how he even made a fish tail to wear at conventions and while eating raw fish naked in a kiddie pool in his apartment. Maybe one day he will get his wish and get to live the rest of his life in the sea, where no hurtful person can call him names or make fun of his fishy ways. I support him in this transition because I hear that they don't have any Internet down there. I hope you get eaten by a shark you silly fruit.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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