Camelot's Fan Fic with Slash, submitted by manic panda. Wrestling is great not only because it involves two men trying to lay on each other while thousands of other men cheer them on, but it also spawns endless intellectual debates about the various deep and emotional characters involved. I can't count the number of wonderful professional wrestling discussions I've had on the Internet with various other well spoken, highly educated, eloquent fans. It's one of the few sports that only attracts the cream of the crop, and that's why I'm so excited that today's site is a literary goldmine of interesting, educational stories regarding professional wrestling. Sure, they are all fictional and revolve around gay sex, but that's what makes the Internet so darn great! For example, here's a wonderful story about Kevin Nash raping Scott Hall!

Without pausing, Kevin reached down and jerked Scott's boxers off and raised his legs up. Not bothering with any stretching, or lubrication, he thrust into Scott's body, thrusting madly. In his fevered daze, he didn't realize that Scott was crying in pain, or that his erection, throbbing with life only moments ago, had died. Nor did he realize that the lubrication that had suddenly made it easier for him was Scott's blood from being ripped apart, or when Scott stopped struggling and just laid there, sobbing pitifully with the pain. His mind was consumed with one thing, and that was the pleasure he was receiving from Scott's tight, virginal ass. He thrust madly; searching for that sweet release he felt building inside him. Finally, He screamed out Scott's name as he came, deep inside his abused ass, Filling him to the brim with his essence, and passing back out, still inside Scott, and locking him in place under him.

What a hot story! But don't fret all you concerned parents out there; there are plenty of PG-rated professional wrestling homosexual rape fan fiction stories for you to read your kids at night! Perhaps they would like to hear the story about the forbidden love between Shawn Michaels and Paul Levesque! Trust me, they'll thank you for it later. Or they'll kill you in your sleep!

– Blue Guy #762,182

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