Steven Lim - Famous Street Eyebrow Plucker In Singapore, submitted by lOi. Steven Lim claims to be "the most famous street eyebrow plucker in Singapore" and I really can't argue with him because I don't know of any other rival street eyebrow pluckers in Singapore. I suspect Steven "thinned out" the competition a while back with his "plucky" spirit. Do you see what I'm doing here? I'm making a series of puns because it's fun to have fun. But let me tell you what's NOT fun: impersonating eyebrow plucker Steven Lim on Friendster! He warns the evil culprit responsible for such nefarious actions that he risks going to "jail for up to two years," which demonstrates exactly how serious the Internet can be at times.

Name: Steven Lim Ee Ping
Occupations: Street Eyebrow Plucker, Model, Actor, Director of Eyebrowser Trading & Marketing
Highest Educational Level: Diploma in Marketing (Nanyang Polytechnic) 2001

My favorite part of this website has to be the services he offers, and the strange juxtaposition of items one and two with number three.

1) Eyebrow Plucking Services by Steven Lim himself which also known as the famous Street Eyebrow Plucker who has been totally mobile since 2001. 
2) Provide male and female models for fashion shows and sexy male and female dancers for events/hen parties/private functions etc where they will stripped till bikini even for birthday boys/girls.
3) Provide urgent/ immediate baby sitting/ guardian for children age 3 and above.

So if you need your eyebrows plucked or need a stripper or require a babysitter, please call Singapore's hottest eyebrow plucking babysitting stripper, Steven Lim.

PS: Oh, and if you're not convinced that Steve is the answer to all your problems, perhaps this wonderful Flash movie will do the trick.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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