The Ki Sanctuary, submitted by JKDChick.When you first visit this site, you will notice the html configuration looks like it was designed by a blind child with downs. Next you will see that the site is "Untitled". But really, who can put a title on a site as groundbreaking and important as this? What is The Ki Sanctuary all about, and how can it get me women and riches you ask? Lets take a look at some of the content and dive head first into the rigorous training it takes to a chaos magic Christian Dragonball Z psi master guy.

"This site teaches a unique hybrid of martial arts/self defense involving ki, an internal energy. With a Christian perspective.
This site is here to help martial artists and energy practioners alike to become more open-minded and fulfilled individuals by introducing not just qi, but psi and any other related topics in a clear-cut fashion, that is both understandable and practical."

Stop it or I'm telling mom!

Ok so this site is run by a couple of martial arts nerds who spend way too much time posing in the mirror and sparring until their mothers get home and make them clean their rooms. Right?

"Psi Light: This is pretty simple, just make a ball of pure intent of the mind. Remember how ki balls light up occasionally? Ki is usually meant for energy needs or bodily goals, and stealth; after a beginner makes ki balls and gets stronger it rarely lights up even when you want it to, or you just cannot see it; its visibility is dependant mostly on its strength and a few factors. Psi is dependant on what you tell it to do, but usually has only mental, emotional, or visible side effects; using the two can make it deadly."

Oh dear.

Holy smokes. So not only are they martial arts nerds, but they actually think, with all their Frito soaked heart, that they can generate and shoot energy balls like in cartoon Dragonball Z, but with a Christian perspective. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that these guys are not getting laid, and spend most nights creating energy balls in their pants. I have no clue what that means but use your imagination.

"I'll harrrrrm you!"

Feel free to post in their guestbook to join the Goku army of brotherhood. Just don't bother them after 8:00PM because that's their bedtime and they need their psi energy to battle Piccolon in a Saiyan Christian rumble during lunch hour. Jesus would be proud.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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