anoTHer poeTiC reTeliNG oF an unForTinaTe sudduCTion !, submitted by me. Yeah, what's "unfortunate" is the guy that got seduced by her. Har har har! But seriously folks, the best thing about sociallydistorted666's Xanga is that it turns your mouse pointer black despite the fact the blog has a black background. At least that was the case on my computer. I can't think of a better design decision than that. I would have gone one step further and made the text black as well so people wouldn't have to be subjected to the horror that is sociallydistorted666's Xanga. I mean, what's not to love? The place is a goldmine for honest insight and heavy drama rivaling that of The Great Gatsby. Just feast your eyes on this gem:

wOw.. i woKe up at lIke 5:30 toDay Lol. i wEnt to0 beD lAst niGht Only aT liKe 3 so thAt waS sUrpRisiNg. so w3ll tHen noT muCh haS haPPeNed t0daY. shAwNs comMeiNg ovEr on mondAy yAy. he coMes hOme tomoRRow niGht i gUess. Mhm i stIll mIss em al0t liKe alWays....

yoU arE my everytHing nothIng yoUr lOve wiLl bRing my lIfe is yoUrs all0ne the onLy loVe ivE evEr knowN yoUr spiRit pulLs me thRough whEn noThing elEe wIll Will alwAys be my eVeryThing

i love him so veRRy much !

thats it f0r now

It has all the makings of an epic novel. Girl wakes up. Girl thinks she loves some loser. What could be better than that? Now I admit, this Xanga is a little new so she may have not developed her best material just yet. Let's just hope that this Awful Link award breaks her spirits and she deletes her blog before it has a chance to consume our very souls and destroy civilization as we know it. The sad part though, is that this blog is just one in a million.

– Zachary "Spokker Jones" Gutierrez

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