General Hospital Rocks!!!, submitted by me. I'm not in the position to argue whether or not General Hospital rocks, but I am in the position to argue that it sucks ass. Soap operas are essentially the WWE, only with less action, worse actors, and storylines that get stretched out even longer despite airing five days a week. I guess I can understand liking a soap as a guilty pleasure, but I can't understand liking them enough to get way too stressed out and write a manifesto about your favorite fake family.

I know it’s been quite some time since I’ve sat at my computer, and have written about the lives and times of the Corinthos household. As many of you know, I’ve been so frustrated with this storyline, and trying to figure out a way to fix this situation, but found myself yet again frustrated with it all.

Will Sonny and Carly re-pair what was lost?

Is there a way back, to live and forgive?

Do I even want them back together?

See I have so many questions, and no real answer to either of them.

I love Sonny and Carly, and I love them together. IMO they are it, they are ‘meant to be’, but then the writers started making me doubt them, from having Sonny sleep with Sam, and Carly sleep with Lorenzo, I then began doubting myself and my thoughts about this one time super couple that I use to really love and believe in.

For a minute there I wanted Carly to leave, I wanted to her to prove not just to Sonny but to herself that she is strong, she doesn’t need a man, she could and would make it on her own.

I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but these characters are fictional.

– State Og Representative

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