Duality of Prophecy Reveals the Future, submitted by Haruki Murakami. Okay, honestly, I did not read a whole lot of today's awful link. I read some of it, enough to get the gist of it, enough to know that there is no way I am ever going to read the whole thing. The site is yet another attempt to answer that age old question - "Is President George Bush Mentioned in Bible Prophecy?"

In my opinion, I would guess that he is not. But I have never read the Bible, so I am not totally one-hundred-percent sure. It seems to me that God would have more important things to tell humankind, other than a crazy president who invades countries because he is a huge jerk.

Thank you for this lovely picture of Georwge W Bush as a cat, Shmorky.

The site consists of a lot of quotes from certain passages in the bible, and some rambling about how great Mr. Bush is. Or, to put it in it's own words, the site is a "hot, new, amazing and profound insight into an incredible Biblical prophecy!" apparently it will also "explode ontothe world scene with the shock of a bunker-buster bomb!"


Ask yourself this question: "What great world conqueror, world ruler, who is LIKE CYRUS – a man who is a humanitarian, who is benevolent, and God-fearing, who BELIEVES IN GOD and is not afraid to mention God in his public addresses and speeches?"

I don't know.

".. a man who is a humanitarian, who is benevolent ."

Hehe I think they must mean George W Bush, great leader of the free world and bringer of joy to children and savior of freedom and democracy!

"the “W.” in his middle initial stands for “Wonderful”"

It sure does!

– Tom "Moof" Davies

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