There are some pretty strange animals out there. For example, what the hell is up with the kangaroo? And let's not forget anteaters. Then if you go a little further and look at the insect kingdom you end up with all kinds of horrifying monstrosities capable of eating your face off while you sleep or laying approximately a billion eggs in some foreign crevice of your body, turning you into an incubator of pure terror. As strange as nature naturally is, we've raised the bar. This week the SA Forum Goons were tasked with creating animal anomalies of all shapes and sizes. I think its safe to say they achieved that goal pretty damn well. Let us now stop this banal banter and enjoy the show! If all goes well, you'll be wetting your pants in absolute fear, crying, and laughing all at once.

"SenatorASSFACE" brings us the latest in disigner cats.

"Arsenal" owns the cat that exploded and destroyed Neo-Tokyo.

"Arsenal" whips out another one of his precious felines!

"Chobicus" contributes to the kitty pool.

"NotJust4Breakfast" is delicious as always!

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