Foxx's Transformation Art, submitted by Zork Foxfire. I haven't linked a furry site in a long time, and frankly I'm going through withdrawals. I noticed yesterday that my hands starting shaking and my eyesight started to get blurry. It was almost impossible for me to cook my heroin. Today I'm linking a site that is about a sub-fetish of the furry culture called "transformation". It's not too complicated, just some sad folks that enjoy drawing and viewing crayon drawings of somebody turning into a cow, ejaculating all over their keyboard, and then crying themselves to sleep. I'm guessing that most furry's rooms smell like nerd musk and rotting cheese."Fucking paws! I just want some orange juice!~sob~"

I know a lot of you are tired of hearing about furries and I agree 100%, but I still feel it's important to keep a vigilant watch on these sexual misfits, lest we finally come to a point where they are so commonplace that they are accepted in our society. If the furries gain acceptance and you start to see people walking down the street in fur suits, the terrorists have won my friends. Never forget.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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