One of my favorite Awful Links of the past few years was Just Mindy, a cool reminder that deaf people make and enjoy their own bad movies. On a darker note, Dragoness Life demonstrates that deaf people can also be furries and giantess fetishists. This guy, Mark from Arizona, has a gallery featuring "panther female friend" and "jungle dragoness encounter," and of course I didn't look at any of that shit. However, I really enjoyed the videos, in which he casts himself, wearing sunglasses and/or a fedora, in the foreground of goofy animated action involving giantesses!

Mark narrates the clips using American Sign Language. Some have subtitles; for others, fans provide them in the comments. (:16-:18 im thirsty for coffee :20-:24 giant woman is here) There's no sound, other than your own laughter.

Mark has a 'Mystery Science Theater'-style control center where he oversees all his giantess creations. Sometimes a lady-robot brings him a beer.

*Thanks to 'Me and My Nerdy Bat' for the great tip!

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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