Christian Books and Things, submitted by ColinMoore. Religion can be a scary thing, but hey, sometimes it can be good or even great. Why, nothing makes me feel better than picking up some nice Christian books. And hey, what do you know? Christian Books and Things not only has books, they also have some wonderful Christian and patriotic tshirt designs. That's so nice. Look, they even have baseball caps that...are...all devoted to...the KKK...

We carry ball caps with the exclusive Knights Party designs. Ball caps are white - low profile hats with your choice of navy blue, black, or red bill. Caps are $16 each

More than anything this just makes me mad at all the people who bitch and moan about political correctness trying to take the Confederate flag from them. Folks, if you hadn't let the fucking KKK take the Confederate flag from you maybe you would have some fucking legs to stand on. Half of the goddamn hats have "white knights" standing in front of the Confederate flag. They even call it "my X" and "my flag", so don't give me any of this "the Confederate flag is NOT racist" bullshit. It's been co-opted as the symbol of racism by the cartoonish retardate racists of America. I don't see a lot of Hopi Indians driving around in pick ups with fucking Swastika flags nailed to the gun rack. And one more thing, because this rant still has a little steam, I'm fucking sick of REVERSE political correctness. If I think some goddamn stupid relic flag of a racist slave-based rebellion is moronic then by fucking Shit Christ I reserve the right to say as much. Take your rebel flag, take your creationism, take your burning cross, and shove them all up your dumb GED-dreamin' racist ass the next time you're buying some fucking three packs of Big & Tall shirts with skulls on them at the Wal*Mart next to your town's specialty chewing tobacco store you ruinous fucking idiot savants of NASCAR.

As for Christian Books and Things, I guess the "Things" portion of their name encompassed a lot more blatant hate propaganda than I had initially anticipated. God bless America, and God bless dipshit religious types who sell burning cross tshirts.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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