Sneeze Fetish Forum, submitted by Travis. I have a confession to make: I have a reading about boring fetishes fetish. It consumes my life, giving me the unsettling feeling of internal circuitry being rewired for purposes that are never quite clear. You read the first page of this site and think "Hey if even these nutty sneeze fetishists can organize themselves into an orderly community with a 60-page constitution maybe there's some hope for humanity after all." Then you read the forum posts and realize that the human race is hellbound.

i absolutely LOVE my girlfriend and she has the most cutest sexiest sneezes ever :drool: , and today i decided to tell her about my fetish. i hav never ever told anyone else in my entire life, i asked her if she wanted to know my biggest secret ever, after i finally gained the courage, and she said yes, i just couldnt say the word "sneeze" out allowed though coz i felt too embarressed, so i told her that its just something that turns me on and that id sms the word to her, so i did, i was so nervous and embaressed, i didnt want to know wat she was going to say BUT, then she said that she thinks its cute. i asked her if she thought it was wierd but she didnt think it was wierd, then i was talking about it with her for a while and i asked her if she would sneeze for me, and she actually happily did it for me, she induced some for me, I LOVE HER SOOOOOOO MUCH :drool: . all this actually happened while i was on the fone to her, ive been planning on telling her for a couple of days now, i decided i was going to do it today, but then wen it came to today i couldnt, but then she sneezed five times and that motivated me, so i just decided to tell her. im sooooooooooooooooo happy that she knows now and that shes ok with it, and i am EXTREMLY happy that she is happy to sneeze for me :D :cryhappy: i love her so much

I guess the plus side of having a sneeze fetish is that sooner or later your girlfriend will get a cold, whereas the average furry will never get that passionate night of sex with Fox McCloud they fantasize about.

– Jedidiah (@notoriousamoeba)

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