Space Crab, submitted by Tracer Tong. Move over, Timecube! Dr. Wise Young, head of the W. M. Keck Center for Collaborative Neuroscience, has burst free of being educated retarded and has come up with a revolutionary space propulsion system he calls "Space Crab". What is the Space Crab, you ask? Let's look to Dr. Young to explain it.

The hover test is considered the best experiment.

Purchase a Remote Control Hovercraft from Discovery Store.

Then open out the housing and unscrew the propellers. Cutout the rest of the housing to take out the motors to which you will add some light loads (such as balsa wood) and you get an autonomous hovercraft © March 2004, Raymond Payette

This was done on a highly polished travertine table that should have a very low friction coefficient.

As you can see there is a rotation to the left followed by a rotation to the right, much like a crab, hence the name Space Crab ® !

Be sure to watch the incredible video of the Space Crab in action! Dr. Young has completely solved the need for astronauts to shake a toy hovercraft. They can now just attach swinging wooden blocks to the hovercraft motor and it will shake all by itself!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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