AGNPH Gallery, submitted by Schnits. One of the Internet's more secretive areas is a vast network called Usenet. This is where people of all walks of life gather to download binaries of the latest fan subtitled episode of "Sailor Moon" and argue with Derek Smart about what constitutes libel and how libel is different from slander. This is also where you go to download elderly pornography and discuss Linux when your favorite IRC server is down. Apparently you can also download Pokemon hentai, so the stars really are the limit with Usenet! This website serves as a sort of melting pot for all the Pokemon hentai that gets posted, thus making it an invaluable service for all mankind.

Believe it or not, an image like that garners a lot of praise. Just look at this enthusiastic response:

I love these types of pics! Ash gettin it on with... well, any male digimon would work, really. But Mewtwo is definately one of the better choices! I also love how there's an obvious story to this one... Just needs someone to write it!

Congrats, you're not into cartoon pedophilia, you're into cartoon pedophilia/weird alien bestiality! And they say the world's a bad place.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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