WTC Wallpaper Pictures, submitted by Spekkio. (WARNING: Please do not click on today's awful link if you are on a 56k modem connection, or even a DSL or cable connection. Only a T3 line will do, otherwise your computer will suffer major damage and you will probably have sexual side effects and/or loss of hearing and sight.)

Did you hear what happened to the World Trade Center? Somebody set us up the bomb. And then the towers fell. Never forget!

Just a preview of this wonderfully designed site that you are about to experience and be destroyed by.

Did you forget? If you did, wait about 3 hours for all these great WTC wallpaper images to load and put them on your computer desktop so that you will NEVER forget, no matter how hard you try. When you sleep at night the images of the World Trade Center will be burned into your brain and you will wake up ready to taste freedom and kick some terrorist butt. While you wait, the creators of this very well designed website (this is sarcasrm!), added a Neil Young (not to be confused with the band America) MP3 of “A Horse With No Name”. This makes sense because...wait no it doesn’t make sense at all, unless the goal was to just make the site’s load time that much slower. Wait I know how to forget, this loaded .357!

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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