skippy, submitted by Pyke. I used to hate rap music. Now, thanks to the wonderful contributions of "skippy," I have learned to appreciate the art!

Band History: i been recordin music since about 8th grade wit acapella raps and in the summer after 8th grade started doin it to beats so now im doin that.
Your influences? eminem cuz he shows that rap aint just for black people and that white people like myself can get in the game too.

Seriously folks... you gotta listen to these raps. This is the best thing I've heard in years. Be sure to check out "high," which is... well... just listen. God bless you, skinny nerdy white poseur, for truly opening my eyes to the exciting world of rap music! I'm gonna go out and "smoke some blunts" with my "bitches" and maybe drink some "fourties" shortly before driving to the "drug store" and buying "acne medication" and "apple juice" so I can study for my "algebra test."

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@richard_kyanka)

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