The Illegal Eagle, submitted by me. The Illegal Eagle is some sort of clown who doesn't wear a clown costume and gives off a "perverted Andre Agassi" vibe, but beyond that I have no idea what's going on thanks to this trainwreck of a site. I don't even think the suitable adjectives to properly describe this have been invented yet.

I have been clowning since quit long and I steel have that look at the eyes...

1979 left Israel to sing English Rock in the Streets of Europe and... became a clown. A Rock'n'Clown.

"I did a lot of Clown Shows. All around the world. I have made a lot of people happy".

Then met a Swiss woman and 3 Children came soon after; "the best thing I have ever done". Now Eagle live in Switzerland and taking care of the children. Yes, Yes, The woman had gone with another man...

The Illegal Eagle - Clown Shows
The Illegal Eagle - Stand Up Comedy


(I am the illegal) and this was it about the clown show.

– Corin Tucker's Stalker (@DennisFarrell)

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