Rapture Ready FAQ, submitted by me. This particular nutty End-of-times website was already featured on a Weekend Web but I would like to point out a page even crazier than its forums: Its bizarrely comprehensive FAQ.

Rapture Ready's FAQ has any religious query you could possibly think of and forces you to question just how frequently these frequently asked questions are really asked.

Questions include:

Will the Antichrist know he is the Antichrist?

Are lotteries to raise money for education all right?

Is it all right for churches to have bake sales?

Is an EU constitution a sign of the Antichrist coming to power?

Does Yasser Arafat have a role in Prophecy?

What is a Bar Mitzvah?

Will there be things like computers and the internet in Heaven?

Should we really pluck out our eyes?

Is it all right when mad to say "gosh" or "darn"?

Why is Batman just Batman while Robin is the Boy Wonder?

If you have any further questions about Christianity, then you probably haven't read the FAQ carefully enough. Whatever it is, it's in there.

– Joseph "Maxnmona" Fink

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