lolifox, submitted by Lain Wave. Just what the world has been clamoring for, a web browser made just for fans of animated child porn!

"lolifox is a customized version of Mozilla's Firefox made for the Anime-Community.">

I wonder what was so anime-unfriendly that these fine gents had to go and create their own version of a browser. Maybe we can figure it out if we look at the official feature list. The entire feature list.

  • lolifox offers a default collection of the most important bookmarks everyone should know of.
  • Besides that, it extends the browser with better design for some tasks like FTP-/Gopher-index display (which looks horrible in Firefox).
  • Wow, so they added in some creepy bookmarks and fixed some crap that I'm not even sure what it is. To be honest, I think the dev team probably spent more time on that "half-naked child with fox ears" logo than they did on any software, if you know what I mean.

    – Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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