Dog Harness Cheerleading Dresses, submitted by sue_dunn_emm. Here we seem to have stumbled upon an alien impersonating a human being.

Dog harness dress for the cheerleader. I can
make these dog harness dresses in any color with
any color trim to match your favorite team.

It's awkwardly attempting to fit into society by starting a business that doesn't really make sense and communicating with something that is very close to the English language. What will it say next in its horrifying efforts to emulate us?

As with all of my dog clothes I make my the dog
cheerleading harnesses customized to your dogs
measurements and your choice of fabrics and designs.

It also seems to have a misunderstanding of the way we treat our dogs.

No human being could be that cruel.

– Corin Tucker's Stalker (@DennisFarrell)

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