Candid Street Woman and Ladies Blog (thanks SlimGoodbody) - Here's a non-nude voyeur site that specializes in taking photos of normal women walking the street. Then they post images of them complete with a detailed blog entry, like this one:

Generous breast woman walking in the hot streets of poor suburbs of Santo Domingo Republica Dominicana. Booty and ample waisted women like these abound all around Santo Domingo.
They really like to highlight and exaggerate their voluminous body parts such as waist, crotch, hips and fleshy breasts by wearing tight shirts and close fit denim jeans and trouser. Along, they bring glamour and exoticness by using attention gathering, ringing metal bracelets, multiple ankle chains in silver and gold.
Even by their walking swaying movement of their waist and hips you can notice their flirtatious nature, attitude and intentions.


– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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