There is something odd about this video...

Submitted by Evan T.

I can't quite put my finger on it...

Critics Corner

"HAHA!ÿ ol' johnny reb now he's one funny son of a bitch, he was up at la vila in florida and in his concert there was a bunch of blacks right, he pulled down his sun glasses and said "Damn its dark in here" then he said "i hate niggers" and the he played this song, it was funny as hell"


"This video was posted over a year ago, and I bet this guy still gets new comments every day! I love it!ÿ The black guy makes it even funnier. Yes, I admit I'm one of the 99% of white people who only act politically correct in public but are totally closet racist! The other 1% are skinheads."


"Woah,ÿ i was just asking a question you don't have to be so harsh and so mean, i just wanted to know why you sang a song called Nigger hatin on me when your black? i'm just very confused.... i'm sorry if i offend you in any way. please forgive."


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