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Hi there, Awfulkateers! Thank you for stopping by for a very special week here at AwfulVision! "How special", you ask? Well, allow me to tell you!

Once in a while I like to post videos that I actually think are funny being that YouTube is composed of approximately 117% trash, you can imagine why I don't post funny things that often. Also, once in a while (which is to say "twice in the past"), I've singled out people that were so utterly ridiculous that the only way to properly destroy them as human beings was to devote an entire article to them.

Today, we combine these two completely unrelated things!

Like a year and a half ago or something I featured a video by Million Dollar Extreme, a YouTube comedy group that is actually funny. One of the members, Sam, emailed me to thank me for the kind words. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago when he emailed me again asking if I'd mind reviewing another video and then sent me a list of candidates. I told him that since I find the stuff Million Dollar Extreme does to be quite funny, I'd do him one better and give them a featurette here on AwfulVision.

To give you a bit of background info, Million Dollar Extreme makes really insane videos that basically amount to what would happen if Tim and Eric and the guys who made Wondershowzen teamed up to direct a Beastie Boys video while high on horse tranquilizers and then traveled back to the year 1996 and made a Geocities web page about it. I know the zany effects may make you think T&E but for real, this shit is mad clever and well-written and doesn't feel nearly as contrived as half the YouTube Comedy(tm) out there.

Anyway, long story short, Million Dollar Extreme is actually trying to "make it" in the YouTube comedy scene (I have no idea what "making it" entails, but I think it involves showing up in a Weezer video or a South Park episode) and I'd like to do my part to help introduce them to the masses so sit back and enjoy!

So, long wall of text short, check out the videos, 5 them if you find them funny, maybe drop them a comment and subsribe to their channel if you're down. Also I guess maybe friend them on Myspace if you're a faggot and still have a Myspace page. Myspace is sooo Web 1.7.

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