TypoDemon posted:

Okay, okay, calm down, I'm an expert in these kinds of situations. First off, you'll want to get some prime rib, then toss it down in front of the slime. It should eat it, then be happy enough with you that it'll come out from behind your computer; that's when you hit it with your dragon sword. After that, it should try to join your party; let it. Raise it to level 32 so it learns MegaMagic, then get another slime with at least +5 and breed them together; BAM! Instant SlimeKing pet with MegaMagic and Vivify, along with some other pretty kicking rad skills.

I gave it the prime rib and it ate it, but now it is just sad because it is all covered in barbecue sauce and is all sticky but he doesn't have any hands to clean himself with. Help!!

Mola Yam posted:

Well you have to clean it now. DO NOT USE WATER, he'll start to melt which will cause him to flip the fuck out, and then you'd be screwed. Use mineral turps.

I poured mineral turpentine all over him, but now he's REALLY ANGRY. He's on top of my monitor and getting turpentine all over it. I'm going to run over to my laptop, but I think he might follow me!

This is awful. I abandoned my main computer for now and headed into my living room. I spread some salt around the door, but that didn't stop the slime from coming in. He's advancing towards me, HELP!!

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